Cisco Spark Devices


Cisco Spark enables you to communicate with the highest quality tools, brought together by the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Use any of the Spark enabled endpoints from VideoCentric to connect into your Spark collaboration spaces to meet, share, communicate and collaborate.


With Cisco Spark Room systems, you can video enable your meeting space, by simply plugging in Video Conferencing system running Spark OS. That includes the SX series, DX series and the MX series*, and the newly announced Spark Room Kit.

Bring people together, Extend the Spark experience to physical meetings, and join in the conversation from any conference room. Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration or trial of a Spark enabled endpoint.

The SX Series – for the meeting room

SX10 for small spaces and huddle rooms
SX20 for medium to large groups & meetings
SX80 for large boardrooms or those that require extra integration with peripherals or audio systems

The DX Series – for the desktop

DX70 and DX80 for high quality desktop conferencing, that can double up as a PC display, and your phone system too.
Available in DX70 – HD 18″ LCD display – and DX80 – HD 23″ LCD display.


The Cisco Spark Board is the newest solution from Cisco, that brings the power of touch screen collaboration to your meeting room. Combining an interactive whiteboard and Video Conferencing solution into one, the Spark Board is the next generation of endpoint for your meeting space. Get in touch with us today to reserve your Spark Board and to arrange a demonstration.

Wireless presentation:
Share your presentation, locally in the room or remotely, without any need for wires, dongles, adapters, or typing in PIN codes

Digital whiteboard:
Easily white board with the Cisco Spark Pen or your finger and automatically save content to a Cisco Spark virtual space; multiple people can white board – in the room or remotely on any Cisco Spark app-enabled device

Audio/video conferencing system:
Make your high-definition video or high-fidelity audio calls directly on the Cisco Spark Board

Continuous workflow:
Connect the Cisco Spark Board to a virtual Cisco Spark space and your whiteboard creations and other shared documents will live there persistently and securely, to be reviewed and edited by any member of the team from another Cisco Spark Board or any Cisco Spark app-enabled device


Enter a room that has a Spark video room system, and your Spark iOS or Android app will automatically pair. You’ll be recognised immediately by the system, putting you in control of the system, directly from your app.

face-to-face meeting and move calls

Initiate a Spark meeting from your phone straight on the room system. Join a meeting from your device. Join a WebEx powered meeting from your iOS or Android device, or enter the WebEx CMR address directly from the room system.

You can even move your meeting from the video room system to your mobile Spark app and continue your meeting on the move.