Cisco Spark header with SX10


Choose the team or room you want to meet with, and click the video button. It’s that simple.

Spark will call everyone in that team and everyone can meet and share presentations and documents in the Spark room. Send links, join the call from a phone, tablet or your desktop, see all the shared content on the meeting room systems or on any device… Cisco Spark is the complete meeting solution to enable your teams to get together, face-to-face, and get on with what’s most important to your business.

All the content, chat and information that’s been shared throughout the week and since your last meeting is right there in the Spark room – pull up drawings and conversations, view last weeks minutes, see the progress from the week – Spark is a single space where all your work is stored and everyone in the team can access, add to and share, wherever they are located, whenever they are working.


Then when you have a scheduled meeting with the team, simply tap or click to begin an HD video call with a colleague or your entire team. Walk into a conference room enabled with a Cisco Spark device, such as the Cisco SX or MX series endpoints or Cisco Spark board, and communicate with everyone, anywhere, with business-class quality and the most secure cloud collaboration solution on the market.

Get video anywhere, and share anything. Make a video call with anyone. Join from your phone or desktop. Share from a tablet. Meet face-to-face in a conference room. Spark means everyone is in the same room together, wherever they are located.