Cisco Spark Team

We juggle more and more projects at the same time, with more and more people. We’re often not in the same place, at the same time, and it gets difficult to keep track of everything we are working on, with different people at different times – where we left the meeting last time, who was engaged, who’s seen this email and that presentation.

Cisco Spark is designed for your people, your teams and your projects. It’s a place for your work to live and a way to stay connected to it all.

Spark provides your teams and projects with their own workspaces and rooms, to enable you to simply work together in the same place, at the same time, wherever the people in your team are based, at whatever time they choose. Manage your content and people, share what’s needed for your project, and keep everything together in a way that suits you – in a a team by team, and project by project basis.

Cisco Spark Meeting Room

Set up your Team’s Virtual Rooms

Everyone can create teams and bring together the people needed to make a project or idea a success. It’s simple to set up a virtual meeting room, that comes automatically equipped with everything you need for your project.

You can keep discussions going, send messages one-to-one or to the group, share documents and open the file right in Spark to view it instantly. And jump into a video call instantly whenever you need to chat face-to-face.